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Eavesdropping – Part 1 in a multipart series

by on Sep.16, 2009, under Eavesdropping, Nonsense

Hey All,

This is the first post in a series of posts to follow that will detail some interesting facts about people I’ve learned through eavesdropping.  Cynicism on my part to be included.

So I’m outside and I overhear a woman talking to a coworker about her upcoming wedding.  She’s sort of discussing it as if it was a business transaction.  Her future husband is apparently experiencing “cold feet” and quite a bit of stress from multiple family members on both sides about the upcoming wedding.  On top of the stress from the wedding, it turns out that she is really pushing him to knock her up and have a baby – ASAP.

“He just needs to sleep on it”, she says.  Four hours of sleep is all he needs to get over his cold feet and apprehension about a yet to be conceived future baby.  All of this on top of this guy just starting a Masters program at a local college.

I guess there’s more of a sense of urgency when you have a specific DATE locked in for a wedding.  Although from the sound of things, a venue hadn’t been chosen?

My wife and I kind of just did our own thing and eloped.

Why did I bother posting this?  I have no fucking idea.  I was just THERE and this woman was speaking loud enough where it was hard to ignore her conversation.  Eavesdropping is considered rude, I guess.  At the same time, though – I didn’t request to be privy to these details.  They just wandered into my earshot.

IMO, this woman is just marriage hungry.  “It’s his first marriage” she said.  If it goes how I think it’s going to go based on her general attitude towards the marriage and future baby, it will likely not be his last.

If it feels like you’re rushing him, YOU ARE.  If he has ‘cold feet’, there is a reason.

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