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Really, Really Strange Dream I Had

by on May.25, 2011, under Nonsense, Personal

The dream starts out and I’m in a place with friends. Becca is there. I wanna say it’s San Francisco, at least that’s kind of the feeling I had from it. Anyways, not too long in before we’re walking and notice some rock quarry thing where there are these big huge terminator looking robots, just slamming away at rocks in this quarry, and they all appear to be controlled by a group of these guys wearing red cloaks, and you can’t really see their face, just their creepy ass eyes underneath the hood of their cloak.

Anyways, I make some comment about how these things look like “friggin’ terminators”, and this somehow gets their attention. All at once, these cloaked dudes give me the stink-eye, and the terminators begin flinging the rocks they’ve been smashing at me and my friends. “Oh great, I pulled aggro”, I thought.

So in order to avoid being smashed to death by rocks, my friends and I all decide to haul ass down to meet some city council dude we somehow know that might have some input as to why there are terminators in his beautiful city, throwing rocks at citizens that pull aggro. He’s at some golf course driving range, and doesn’t seem like he’s that into helping us at first, but he eventually obliges us.

So we head over to the quarry to confront the situation, only we take the back way and we come from the top of this hill, jump a fence, and are now at the top of this hill looking down at dudes in red cloaks with creepy eyes, and even creepier terminator things farther down smashing rocks which are no longer paying any attention to us.

I guess I decide it’d be a good idea to sneak up on one of these red riding hood dudes and “take him out”. We fail pretty bad at this, and all at once, every one of the red hooded dudes, and the terminator he / she is controlling, has all their attention focused on my little dream crew. It’s about time to haul ass again.

So we start heading back up the hill, only this hill is actually really difficult to climb now, and it’s looking like we’re about to be in a bad way. I find a ladder off to the side that leads into some type of portal. I’m now in a room, completely away from all of the red hooded terminator controllers, and the terminators they control.

In this room there is a window. I look out the window and there is a resemblance of the city I was just in, only it appears as if I’m about 500 years into the future. Think kind of like a pre-quake Tokyo / NYC mixed with the Jetsons. All the skyscrapers are huge, there are neon lights everywhere, and it is unrecognizable from anything present-day. What. The. Fuck. I must have been there some time because I distinctly remember missing my wife and kids and being rather upset that I was now in the future and they were likely dead by now.

I climb back down out of that portal… things get a little hazy in this dream and I’m forgetting some of the details at this point, but the chase is still on, and this time I get caught.

I am taken away to some worker camp thing. I don’t remember being excited about being there. It’s not long before I manage to find some way to duck outta there and work my way into a somewhat less annoying “job” within some separate work area. The two dudes I’m working with are supposed to head out to do whatever it is they do in this work camp. They have a truck they use to do their job. I’m walking slightly behind them, and as they jump onto this thing to get into their truck, a door closes behind them and I have to find a way around. I do, only it’s just in time to miss them pulling away and another door closing down behind their truck.

I climb some ladder to try and get around the door that just closed, and suddenly within my dream it occurs to me that this is kind of like the video game “Portal”, when I’m all of a sudden surrounded by various controls that resemble things you would use within a puzzle game like Portal to work through things.

Then I woke up.

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