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&, Youth Group and The Get Up Kids

by on Sep.27, 2009, under Emo, Music, Music Video's, Musician, Personal

I’m at the Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe, AZ listening to Youth Group. They’re band #2 and followed “&” and are right before “The Get Up Kids”.

I’m so psyched right now. I’m about 4 jager bombs in to this show and not only am I a bit buzzy, but, I was able to purchase a robotic Get Up Kids t-shirt from the merch booth before they sold out :) XL is hard to come by late in a show, but easy if you get in first.

The first band I hadn’t heard of prior to coming to this show, but that’s not for lack of awesomeness. “&” is truly an awesome band and I’m contemplating buying one of their shirts in baby blue. (Green doesn’t really work for me)

So far, this night has been nothing but an epic win.

The bartender recognized me even tho it’s been at least 10 months since I’ve been to this venue. I honestly believe its completely due to my belief that a merry leprachaun lives under their bar and passes out drinks to the bartender when they go down there.

Anyways… I might post an update to this once “The Get Up Kids” come on.. If I don’t, believe me, it’s not because they sucked. It’s likely because they rocked and the vibe from this post was ALREADY at an all time high that a post from the impending appearance of the headlining band couldn’t push it up any higher.

Peace out, all you crazy kids. Have a good one. I know I will.

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