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Reddit Secret Santa 2010

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Uncategorized

Hey guys,

So I decided to try out the Reddit Secret Santa thing they are doing this year (which was wildly successful last year, though I didn’t participate).  What happens is you sign up at as long as you have been a Redditor for at least a couple months, I think sometime in November is where they made the cutoff.  After the initial sign-up deadline, they go through the process of matching secret santas with giftees.  A day or so later, you are matched and you will have access to see who you will be secret santa for.

My giftee is a fairly active female redditor.  What some people do is go on to try and find out everything about their giftee in order t get the best possible gift (average gift price averages $23.42 thus far this year).  She happened to mention in her profile that she enjoyed “humor”, and “working out”.  I thought it was a great idea to get her (and her husband) a shake-weight, gift wrapped by Amazon.

Part of me thinks it was an OK gag gift, and honestly should probably be regifted as a joke for one of her friends.  I’m kinda thinking of the shake weight as a gift like getting a fruit cake, only funnier.

The other part of me looks at some of the creative gifts people are sending, but then I’m quickly reminded how little free time I have to net-stalk somebody for the absolutely best possible secret santa gift, and then I feel better.