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Getting into shape followed by MMA

by on Sep.20, 2009, under Personal, Sports

So I’m finallly deciding to get off my ass and drop the extra 20lbs I’ve been dragging around with me. It’s time to “bring sexy back” :P ok that wasn’t called for, at all. So what.

So here I am, in a gym on a treadmill. Cardio is supposedly the key to any weight loss effort along with a good diet. Cardio now, researching a good diet tonight.

I’m going to begin training at this dojo in the east valley that uses this MMA system called “10th Planet”. It’s that UFC shit and I’m so ready for that :). I’ve taken martial arts off and on my whole life and I’m pretty psyched to learn something that is such a mix of various fighting styles.

Will post an update about that this week sometime when I go down there to check it out. If your curious, google “10th planet arizona” and you’ll pull up the spot I’ll be at.

Signing off for now. Treadmill is starting to go fast again and typing and running is a recipe for disaster.

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