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Club Myst – Scottsdale, AZ – Saturday

by on Sep.19, 2009, under Music, Personal

I’m here @ club myst in scottsdale. The vibe here is very ‘happy birthday’ for a 21-24 year old. This is not a bad thing.

I’m chilling it up with one of my old producer buddies, Carlos (aka Strida Hiryu). We haven’t hung out in a while so it was dope to get an invite outta the blue. :)

This place has a pretty cool sound system. I can FEEL bass, which is always good. The treble isn’t tinny at all.

The dress code isn’t crazy. I’m in a button up, some jeans and some black vans and It’s a-ok! People ARE a tad dressy off and on depending on the crowd, so it’s a bit of a mix.

The DJ is playing everything from Prince to Pitbull and anything with a decent beat in between.

Will post more later if anything pops up that’s interesting to me. Oh one last thing.

Do you know those photos you see of people on their facebook of them ‘up in the vip’? I must have seen at least 10 of those photos taken tonight :)


So throughout the night, I kept seeing these drinks all lit up and dry ice smoking out the top. I figured “aha! Club MYST”. So, I had to order one. I ordered a “Mysty Cuervo”. It had two glowsticks inside and was smoking. I took a few sips and was holding the thing and all of a sudden my hand was wet. I looked down and the thing was bubbling out the straw and all over itself and me.

If you order one a drink with dry ice bubbling out the top, keep drinking it until the dry ice finishes up or it’ll end up on you :).

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