Aww Sheezy!

Blogging from my Blackberry Tour for the 1st time

by on Sep.19, 2009, under Software, Tech

I’m laying in bed with my brand new Blackberry Tour. It arrived today around 10:30am and I am only just now getting done tweaking it.

I was thinking about things I do on the computer that I currently can’t do from my phone, and I was like ‘a-ha! I don’t update my blog on my phone.’. So.. one google search later, here I am with the ‘beta’ version of the WordPress for Blackberry app. So far, I gotta say it’s pretty damn awesome.

The first screen had this option to “add your blog” and that bit went through really easy :)

Anyways, this is probably the only post I’ll make on the topic of posting. I just thought this little app was dope and I thought I’d share.

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