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Search Engine Optimization aka SEO and my Blog

by on Sep.16, 2009, under How-To, Software, Tech

Hey Guys,

I just checked my google analystics account to see a minor spike in traffic.  I haven’t really tried that hard to push this blog or anything, so it was kind of a shocker :) It looks like the majority of the traffic arriving here is coming from search engines! The post I put up related to a specific motorcycle part has made it to google’s front page and first link when the proper keywords are used.

Trying to figure out what I did RIGHT.. and also looking at other search engine traffic and key words that have landed at this humble little blog – I believe I’ve kind of stumbled onto what I believe to be the correct way to get google to index you.

Step 1. Setup all appropriate google web site publisher tools on your site. Google analytics and adsense for example. This will not only let google know you exist, but it’s almost like a built in entry point into google’s spider.

Step 2. Any social media sites that you belong to.. twitter, facebook, myspace.. have these ‘status update’ options to kind of let your social media ‘friends’ know what your thinking/doing etc for that specific moment.. or whatever you just randomly want to put in there for that day. THESE CAN ALL BE CHAINED TOGETHER (with a minor exception from myspace). I’ll give an example:

  • If I create a blog post on, I have a wordpress plugin that will automatically send out a “tweet” to twitter alerting all of my twitter followers to the blog post.
  • I have added twitter as an authorized application within my Facebook and any “tweet” that gets submitted via twitter ends up being posted as a status update on my facebook.

What this means is that with one blog post, any followers of my blog will get an update, any followers on my twitter account will get an update and also any of my ‘friends’ on facebook will get the update.  It’s kind of this big circle. :)

I also have my blog setup with a twitter “widget” that polls twitter weekly for my latest “tweets” and places those in a little portion of my sidebar within awwsheezy.

Google likes to keep search engine results ranked based on relevancy and also whether or not a site is continuously updated.  This very small little widget that polls twitter is kind of doing that job for me by pulling in things that I’m already doing and making my site appear to be very dynamic :)

I mentioned the small caveat releated to MySpace.  Well the caveat is that there is no public API for MySpace that allows external sites to interact with it and perform actions within your MySpace profile / comments etc.   They DO have a way for you to add an app called “twittersync” to your MySpace profile which allows you to post your latest MySpace status to twitter via a click.

I don’t really use it that often.. about 60-70% of my friends have migrated from MySpace over to Facebook already.  As much as I like Facebook, though, I really still do like MySpace with the exception of it not being able to accept external updates without interaction on the site directly.  If MySpace were to suddenly come up with an external API, I really believe that it would have a huge impact on the amount of people they’re losing to Facebook.

Ok enough of me analyzing MySpace vs Facebook haha…

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