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April Fools Gags on the Interwebs

by on Apr.01, 2008, under Comedy, Nonsense, Personal, Tech

Being April 1st and all, the internet is going wild with April Fool’s jokes from website to website.

  • is putting Mr. T and A-Team references in all their posts for the day.
  • made their background Magenta due to T-Mobile asking them to remove Magenta from their logo (kinda lame April Fool’s gag imo)
  • google is offering a new feature to gmail called “Gmail Custom Time” which allows you to send messages in the past – kinda funny :) 
  • google and Virgin have teamed up to create Virgle which offers a chance to win a trip to mars since the earth is now old and busted.
  •  PizzaHut has become PastaHut and is now delivering delicious pasta.  (I actually think this is a brilliant idea and they probably SHOULD. 
  • There’s an article up on HowStuffWorks about the Air Force One Hybrid.
  • How about a standup jazzy bass guitar for your Guitar Hero setup via
  • A printable Foreclosure sign which might be funny to put on some co-workers cubicle.
  • Let’s not forget about thinkgeek’s “Super Pii Pii Brothers” which provides a “strap-on” Wii-mote attachment that let’s the lady’s Pii Pii into a series of toilet’s to try and hit a virtual kitty cat.
  • had a fake woot-off where they were selling the same item over and over, only with a different description and product image.  I hear they did manage to sneak in a “bag of crap” sale for the day, though.
  • has a fake new homepage.  Some girl named Crystal apparently had her father buy her and redirect all of the traffic to her MySpace profile. :) has a great thread about various April Fools related shenanigans.

I’ll post any other signifigant ones I find today :)

*update* Try getting your friends to call the “RickRoll” phone number @ (248) 434-5508