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Dean Kamen’s Slingshot – An AMAZING Water Distiller / Purification Device

by on Mar.30, 2008, under Environmental

For anybody who has been concerned about the issue of clean water… this device should help you breath a sigh of relief. A few months back, I had this horrible panic attack that the world was running out of water and that we were going to screwed in about 20 years. I was seeing all this media footage of worldwide drought with lakes at record low levels and it freaked me out. Anybody hear about the water shortage in Atlanta due to their Sweetwater lake running just about completely dry? That definately played a part in that.

Anyways, this video has been up for a while. I think I originally saw it off gizmodo or engadget, I forget which. What wasn’t really discussed was how this thing worked.

I decided to give the U.S. patent office’s database a search. I turned up Patent # 7,340,879 for a Locally Powered Water Distillation System. There is also a provisional patent application # 10/713,617 which describes “Pressure Vapor Cycle Liquid Distillation“.

** update ** Wired has posted a new article about this amazing product.

** update ** Gizmodo just posted up a new article about this.